Top Five Holiday Spots in the United States


United States is the most watched and most desirable country in the world. Everyone dreams of an excellent holiday time in the United States. To mark the best holiday spots in the United States, you will find many articles on the internet, but none of them will lead to your most desired destination. So, to give you a solution to this problem, I have prepared an article that will not only provide you with the best holiday spots, but also will give you a clear insight of those places as well. Here is the must go list of the best holiday spots.

New York City, New York

Though New York City is the costliest city of all, but it also represents the most iconic status among many other states of U.S. The reason behind this recognition is that New York City is full of energy and vibe with culture, restaurants, shopping, sports, history are to be found in abundance. This can be the sole reason for you to go for a holiday there. In addition, it boasts some of the most well-known establishment in the form of Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Statue of Liberty, and Empire State Building. So, you will not be short of options for sightseeing of the city.

Chicago, Illinois

For food and history lovers there is no other best place than Chicago, Illinois because this city has many historical monuments and boasts some of the best restaurants as well. So, you can definitely plan your Holiday here and when you will come to this city you must take an architectural-history tour. Besides, you can dine at the Alinea (the most famous molecular-gastronomy restaurant in the U.S.). Additionally, don’t forget to visit the biggest science museum in the Western Hemisphere and the museum of Science and Industry.

San Francisco, California

Although San Francisco, California has many fogs in its weather, it is still among the best holiday spots in the United States. In the daytime, you can enjoy while discovering the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Aquarium of the Bay. This is not the end as you will be able to ride a cable car along with the opportunity of strolling around the Presidio. In the night, you shall be intrigued if you have a smack at the Michelin-starred restaurant or a small place in Chinatown. You can hover around the best clubs on the west coast region as well. So this city is certain for a memorable holiday.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada Yes! We are talking about the most glamorous states of U.S. where millions of tourists come and have a crack at what’s on offer. There are so many exciting hotels with world-class amenities. Furthermore, this city has many casinos and restaurants that will pop up in the mind of Holiday seekers. In addition, the nightlife in this great city is always jaw dropping with many lights and buzz of the casinos. So it is very normal that this city will be top choice for many travelers and tourists for a holiday.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The unofficial mottos of New Orleans, Louisiana are ‘laisser les bon temps rouler’, or ‘let the good times roll’ and they represent the Southern hospitality of this city. If I talk about it more, I would suggest you to take a tour to the graceful Garden district or you can roam in a jazz club as well. What’s more, the dining option at the Commanders Palace will be a pleasant choice and the crowds of the Bourbon Street will count as bonus to provide you a best holiday experience.

After reading out the article, I can say that you know where to go for a holiday in the United States. Therefore, don’t waste any time, just pack your belongings and travel to the favorite spots in the U.S. for a memorable and value added holiday.